Never lose hope

A pragmatic mind set , determination ,hard work and forbearance is all you need to achieve your goals in life. Sometimes we try our level best but we still face failures and become hopeless as we all know Mr. Thomas edison who invented electric bulb failed 10,000 times before he get success and I think this is the biggest example of why we should not lose hope in life. Problems are the part of life they are eventually going to be resolved. All we have to do is focus on what you want to achieve and accept your failure. Accepting your failure and putting all your efforts to try again and again can lead you to your goal and help you get all the success in life;-)

Never give up on life

Thinking about killing yourself??? I know it’s really hard to stay strong when you feel like giving up but giving up on life is not an option. I believe every problem comes with a solution you just need to focus on the major things that are important in your life. Trust me on this every individual has there own special qualities ,a great mind and a beautiful heart and with all these qualities you can overcome every bad situation in life. You know what the reality is when you feel like giving up there is a lot of inner strength inside of you that you probably haven’t even realised that is why you feel like you are in a ‘DARK SPACE ‘ and being in that darkness can make you see your inner strength and potential that can help you overcome the negativity into your mind. I would say take a moment and imagine yourself as a third stage cancer patient you want to live but you can’t you have dreams but can’t even try to make your dreams come true, you want to experience every good or bad situation in your life but you have no time to do so. Just imagine your family and friends in standing front of you with a broken heart and with teary eyes and you being so helpless can do nothing to make them feel good. This is what a person who wants to live but he can not feels like. So just be thankful to god for being able to face what you are facing because there are people out there who have much bigger problems. So be strong and never ever give up.